Building the Future


To position Port Hope as a leader in sustainability, balanced growth and inclusion.

About Laurie

Laurie Carr’s working career prior to moving to Port Hope in 1996, was in the automotive business.  She worked her way through the financial side of the business ultimately taking the reins as the Controller.  At 25 years old, Laurie was the youngest person and first female to attend the Secretary Treasurers Association. Laurie continued to gain experience and took on more responsibility at the automotive dealerships where she worked eventually overseeing the financials for a conglomerate of seven dealerships of various manufacturers.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality…. Warren Bennis


To create a long-term strategy for the direction for Port Hope. To work collaboratively with residents, staff and council to establish the steps for the strategy. To work with Council and staff to implement the agreements.


To position Port Hope as a leader in sustainability, balanced growth and inclusion.


We are so very fortunate to live in a community like Port Hope. The financial environment is relatively solid. For a small community we have a very significant cultural environment. The natural and built environment is stunning.  And… our physical environment is going through the largest clean up of low level radioactive waste in Canada.

Financial Environment:

Opportunities abound.  Businesses in Port Hope have been known to survive many decades.  Manufacturing, commercial, retail, service; whatever your business, there is a place for you in Port Hope.  We need to encourage increased economic development to attract business and industry to our municipality to enable us to level or reduce taxes.  We need balanced growth.  Balanced growth is sustainable growth.

Communications Environment:

Sadly, many traditional communication channels are disappearing.  With only one weekly newspaper that covers all of Northumberland we are starved for good lines of communication.  Websites and Social Media are only effective for those residents that have affordable, stable internet and connected devices often leaving our rural neighbours uninformed and our seniors searching for technology solutions. This inadequacy needs to be researched, discussed, a direction decided upon and implemented.

Cultural Environment:

Port Hope has advanced beyond its peers as a cultural destination. The Capitol Theatre continues to draw large tourism dollars to our town. Local restaurants continue to flourish. As a community we really get behind our festivals and fairs. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction, but we can’t rest on our successes. Now is the time to find a way to support other venues. For example, the Fire Fighters Museum and the old Opera House need both council and public support to help them to be viable.

Natural and Built Environment:

We are very fortunate to have a wonderfully maintained and sustained built architecture.  By exploring adaptive reuse of existing buildings, we can encourage manageable multi-use development.  The beautiful architecture in our downtown and throughout our residential streets is integral to our vibrancy and economic sustainability. 

We have an opportunity right now with the PHAI clean-up starting to leave our negative nuclear legacy behind and transform our community into the greenest municipality in Ontario.  Now is the time to start retelling Port Hope’s environmental story.  The waterfront is a good place to start.



“Historically I have worked with Laurie Carr on several municipal committees and always found her to be intelligent, thoughtful, motivated and dedicated to improving and sustaining Port Hope. ‎ I support her bid for a seat on council, she’s very committed to this community.”

Bree Nixon

“Over the many years I have known her, I have found Laurie Carr to be an intelligent, mindful, considerate and fair minded person. I believe Laurie is exactly the sort of person we need on our municipal council.”

Rod Stewart

“Laurie Carr is solid, hard working and caring. She is a leader. She listens to all sides, and then will decide based on the facts. Laurie has proven time and again, she does what is right.”

Michael Cummings

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On October 22nd,
Vote Laurie Carr for Councillor Ward 1



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