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About Laurie

Laurie Carr’s working career prior to moving to Port Hope in 1996, was in the automotive business.  She worked her way through the financial side of the business ultimately taking the reins as the Controller.  At 25 years old, Laurie was the youngest person and first female to attend the Secretary Treasurers Association. Laurie continued to gain experience and took on more responsibility at the automotive dealerships where she worked eventually overseeing the financials for a conglomerate of seven dealerships of various manufacturers.



“Historically I have worked with Laurie Carr on several municipal committees and always found her to be intelligent, thoughtful, motivated and dedicated to improving and sustaining Port Hope. ‎ I support her bid for a seat on council, she’s very committed to this community.”

Bree Nixon

“Over the many years I have known her, I have found Laurie Carr to be an intelligent, mindful, considerate and fair minded person. I believe Laurie is exactly the sort of person we need on our municipal council.”

Rod Stewart

“Laurie Carr is solid, hard working and caring. She is a leader. She listens to all sides, and then will decide based on the facts. Laurie has proven time and again, she does what is right.”

Michael Cummings

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26 Ontario St., 02
Port Hope, ON  L1A 2T7