Business Experience

Laurie Carr’s working career prior to moving to Port Hope in 1996, was in the automotive business.  She worked her way through the financial side of the business ultimately taking the reins as the Controller.  At 25 years old, Laurie was the first female to break through into the male only Secretary Treasurers Association. Laurie continued to gain experience and took on more responsibility at the automotive dealerships where she worked eventually overseeing the financials for a conglomerate of seven dealerships of various manufacturers. After this Laurie left the automotive business on a full-time basis but did continue to do forensic accounting work for former business colleagues. It was at this stage of her career that she moved into the printing industry which Laurie continues to partner in to this day.

Working in the print business in Toronto while commuting daily from Port Hope, Laurie and her partner bought out the company in 2006 which they continue to own and operate. In 2007, Laurie moved the creative half of the company, Cats Media, to Port Hope.  Since then, they have maintained their studio at 90 Queen Street.  They have employed and trained many graphic designers, web developers and photographers from their studio.  The award-winning studio was recently relocated to 26 Ontario St to accommodate the PHAI clean up.

In 2014, Laurie and her partner opened The Social Bar + Table.  This restaurant is the leader in the local food movement in Port Hope. “We are diligent in purchasing local foods and working in collaboration with our rural neighbours.” says Carr. The Social has won many awards in this space and employs many local students, trainees and full-time staff including three accredited chefs. 

From 2016 to the current time, Laurie and her partner have been hard at work restoring the building at 26 Ontario St.  The Maitland Street part of the building was completed in July of 2016 to accommodate the legal offices that operate there.  The other two offices have recently been completed to house Cats Media after their required move from 90 Queen Street.

Volunteer Experience

During the years from 2009 to 2017, Laurie was very involved in local boards, committees and governance.  She was a member and ultimately Chair of the HBIA – the downtown business owner’s association.  During her time with the board, Laurie worked diligently on the finances as well as the strategic planning and governance of the board.  Being a committee of Council, Laurie worked closely with council and staff.

When her role with that board was complete Laurie took on the role of Vice Chair and then Chair of the Downtown Revitalization Committee.  This committee worked very closely with the Municipality’s Economic Development Team.  The committee worked on the physical plans and strategy while municipal staff worked on the financial and implementation sides of the project.

From 2015-2017, Laurie sat on the Economic Development task force.  This group explored many options of ways to encourage further economic growth to the Municipality.  They ultimately settled on the environment.  In keeping with the PHAI clean up, it was the committee’s decision to make Port Hope the greenest municipality in Ontario.  There is a lot of positive trajectory from retelling Port Hope’s environmental story for our economic growth.  Laurie and a small group from this committee won a Civic Award for their work on this task force.

For Canada’s sesqui-centennial year – 2017, Laurie and her partner offered a free Monday morning breakfast at The Social.  Every Monday morning from 7am to 9am, Laurie and the volunteer team were cooking and serving breakfast to all who dropped in to enjoy. “There were weekly regulars as well as one-time visitors. In all, we served in excess of 500 breakfasts to support our friends in the community.” states Carr.

Laurie Carr’s volunteer work with local boards and committees of council along with her business success and acumen make her the ideal municipal councillor.

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